How to pronounce ‘R’ in Spanish

How to pronounce ‘R’ in Spanish


It is hilarious when you listen to an English speaker pronouncing ‘r’ in Spanish. They pronounce it in a weird way. It is even funnier when they attempt to pronounce double ‘r’ in Spanish. However, this is a common problem and even the people of Spain find it hard to pronounce ‘r’ correctly. Do you also face the same situation? Do you wish to learn how to pronounce “r” in Spanish? Trust me, it’s not that hard as it appears to be. By pronouncing words with r in Spanish on a daily basis, you can easily learn the correct pronunciation.

Pronouncing r in Spanish


Pronouncing r in Spanish


The first tip to learn to pronounce r in Spanish is to search for Spanish words with ‘r’. Make a list of such words and make correct sounds with your mouth and tongue by standing in front of the mirror. This technique will help you to accurately pronounce ‘r’.

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Pronouncing double ‘r’


A golden rule is to keep in mind that double ‘r’ in Spanish is pronounced in a completely different way than single r. Pronouncing both letters in the same way can completely alter the meaning of the words.  For instance, “Caro” means expensive and “Carro” means Car.

Henceforth, there is a unique technique to pronounce double ‘r’. All you have to do is to roll the tip of your tongue against your palate. And, there you go! You will learn to pronounce double r in Spanish very quickly.


Practice rolling double r’s in Spanish


Working hard on accents can be challenging at times. But, perseverance will take you to your goal. One really important rule that you must keep in mind when you learn how to pronounce ‘R’ in Spanish is that you must roll your r’s if you are trying to pronounce a word with double r or a word with single r at the beginning of a word. You got to practice rolling your r’s in Spanish when a certain word has two r’s, such as, arroz which means rice in English.


Taking help of YouTube


You can’t underestimate YouTube, can you? YouTube comes in handy when you need to listen to audio recording of words and sentences. Online resources may prove to be very helpful in learning to pronounce ‘r’ and double ‘r’ in Spanish.

So, gear up and master the art of pronouncing words with ‘r’ in Spanish. Trust me, you can do it!

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