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Welcome to the most complete list of free resources to learn spanish in the whole world wide web. This list has been created thanks to the contribution of many pandas🐼 out there that have sent their recommendations and their favourite resources.Here you’ll find lots and lots of free resources to learn spanish organized in categories, so you can find whatever interests you fast and easy.

But, before we start, there’s something that has to be said.

First, there are some Key Symbols placed next to the resources. They add valuable information that will help you to find exactly what you are looking for. Click down there to show the Key Symbols.


Key symbols:

⭐️ – The resource is my absolute favourite. The one I highly recommend.

🗺 – The resource offers stuff in more than one accent (Mexican, Colombian, Venezuelan, Argentinian…) [⚠️By default, every resource in this page teaches European Spanish]

💲 – The reource offers paid services [⚠️Every resource in this page is free. Even the ones with this symbol are free on their non-premium version]

🔒 – Registration on the site is required to access the resource.

📊 – The resource is divided into different levels [⚠️ Most of the resources offer general Spanish. Only the ones giving the option to choose between basic/intermediate/advanced Spanish have this symbol ]

👨‍🏫 – The resource is offered by an official academic authority, like Universities or Governmental institutions.


As I told you, this huge list is made out of contributions from our Panda Community. If you know a resource and it’s not on this list, you can submit it by sending an email to info@polyglotpanda.com. This way you can help thousands of people who are working as hard as you to learn spanish. And helping others is always nice 😊

Another way to contribute is by sharing this list on social media. You can help your friends to find these valuable resources with just one click. They will be thankful to you and you’ll feel better for helping 👍🏽

Are we all ready? Let’s learn!💪🏽

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🗺📊 SpanishUno: A really good site where you can read and listen stories in Spanish for beginners and advanced learners. It also features jokes, sayings, riddles and etymology. The only downside is that it mixes European and Latin-American Spanish so it can be quite confusing if you have a basic level or you are still unable to distinguish them.

🔒📊 123teachme: You’ll find more than 500 authentic Listening Comprehension resources for novice, intermediate and advanced students. Each quiz is accompanied with an mp3 audio file and answers are provided so you can learn on your own. Sometimes the audio quality is quite low though.

⭐️ 🗺📊   Spanishlistening.org: You’ll find more than 400 videos to listen to. It has a quite basic interface but its simplicity makes it the best option. Also (and this is the best perk about this site) you can sort the videos by Level, Topic, Grammar or Country. So literally you can find anything you are looking for in just few seconds. You need an intermediate audio in Argentinian about business? You’ll find it in here!

🗺 📊👨‍🏫  Utexas.edu: This is a compilation of brief video clips in which native speakers of Spanish from various locations throughout Latin America and Spain demonstrate various language tasks. It is really good when you want to learn useful Spanish like buying a bus ticket or ask and give direction. Provided by the University of Texas at Austin.

⚠️ Some of the best ways to practice listening are Podcasts and listening to the radio but you won’t find them in here. In this section you’ll only find websites that have listening exercises. Don’t forget to take a look to those sections down below.

🗺 📊 Learn Practical Spanish Online: This website has a little bit of everything. First you select a level and then you are preseted with some grammar rules. At the end, you can prove you have learned it all by reading and listening to many stories. Obviously, you can jump right away to the listening part if you want to. The good thing is that it has a lot of content. The downside is that many lectures have difficult words that don’t match the level they are in (for example, talking about lawyers, trials and courts in a begginer level).

AlbaLearning: This is an amazing website that contains thousands of Spanish books to read, listen and download for free. You can find novels, non-fiction, old literature… This is, by far, your best option if you like real stuff and you hate those prefabricated nonsensical stories.

🗺 📊 Audiria: Let’s say Audiria is like a search engine for stuff in Spanish online. Is like the “Spanish-Learning-Google” if that makes sense. This tool offers tons of free listening stuff as well as podcasts, videos, songs, books and much more. . You can filter by level, theme, genre, speed of the speaker…It has a poor interface but it is definetely on of the most powerful tools out there.



⭐️📊 Readlang: One of the best websites for improving your reading skills. You select the language you speak and the language you want to learn and automatically there’s thousands of readings to choose from. You can filter by genre, readers votes, level or amount of words. Once you are reading, just click on any given word to know its meaning.

Grimmstories.com: Compilation of Grimm’s fairy tales (you know… Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, Cinderella…). You can download them on pdf or print them to read wherever you want. Best thing is that you can read them all in any language you choose, so you can print them out and make your own dual English-Spanish books (or German-Spanish, Japanese-Spanish… whatever language you speak).

📊👨‍🏫 Instituto Cervantes: Compilation of excerpts from books, ordered by level and difficulty. Each reading has a pre-reading activity, a post-reading activity and lots of information about the vocabulary used and spanish expressions and slang. Although it is delivered by an oficial institution (Instituto Cervantes) it has a very poor interface. But you’ve got pre and post exercises, which makes a nice extra.

SpanishRomance.com: Provides around 50 short well-known tales. I mean SHORT tales. Perfect if you want a 20-30 minutes reading. It has no exercises, definitions nor audio listenings. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

⭐️🔒 🗺 📊 Kindle Unlimited: The resources up there are good options for short-term learning. But if you want to take your Spanish to the next level you should look for more accurate (and more realistic) readings. What I recommend is that you get the Amazon Kindle Unlimited Membership. It allows you to read over 1 million titles (and thousands of audiobooks) on any device. Obviously you can choose titles in Spanish to read and dual books in both English and Spanish. The regular price is $9.99 but it has a 30-days trial FOR FREE. So if you sign up today, you will have all that for free. After 30 days you can choose if you want to keep enjoying the service or not and you won’t pay a dime.

🔒📊 123teachme: Over 200 tiny Spanish passages filtered by level. Each text has a few activities and questions to help you understand the reading. Some of the content requires registration which is a shame as the content itself is quite poor and simple.

Languages on the web: Short stories in English translated into many languages in a convenient parallel text format to help you learn them more quickly and easily. It has only 18 stories to choose from, but it is a really good option for those who still need to have a translation near. [⚠️The website mixes all stories in all languages on the main page. Scroll down and look for the Spanish stories on the left column]

🗺 📊 Learn Practical Spanish Online: This website has a little bit of everything. First you select a level and then you are preseted with some grammar rules. At the end, you can prove you have learned it all by reading and listening to many stories. Obviously, you can jump right away to the reading part if you want to. The good thing is that it has a lot of content. The downside is that many lectures have difficult words that don’t match the level they are in (for example, talking about lawyers, trials and courts in a begginer level).



⚠️ YouTube Channels are something personal. If you check one and don’t like it, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad channel. Everyone to his own taste. Take a look to several of them and pick the ones you like the most.

⭐️Polyglot Panda: Obviously we have to recommend our stuff. Best Youtube Channel EVER!

Lirica: Learn Spanish with music

Butterfly Spanish: Learn Spanish for free with Spanish lessons that cover grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, tips & tricks, and cultural aspects

Señor Jordan: Short, catchy and very entertaining videos for different speaking levels and topics.

Tu escuela de Español: Animated videos explaining Grammar, pronunciation and other aspects of the language. Especially recommended for learning vocabulary.

CultureAlley: Teaches several languages but Spanish is one of the main ones. Videos are numbered and explanations made in English.

The Spanish Dude: American guy sharing his tricks on learning Spanish. Highly recommende.

Agustín Iruela: Videos to improve listening. Go directly to his playlist and select your Spanish level. Every video has captions to follow the audio.

SpanishPod 101: Spanish lessons that cover grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary  and cultural aspects.

Easy Spanish: Street conversations of Spanish native speakers.

Practiquemos: Spanish grammar and vocabulary lessons with examples and practicing.

Learn Spanish: Learn Spanish with the essential building blocks. It focuses on structures which can be manipulated and used in multiple contexts, as opposed to vocabulary themes which are of limited use.

Learn Spanish Step by Step: great channel for beginners to start with learning the language



💲🔒📊 Duolingo: One of the world’s most popular language learning platform. Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges.

💲🔒📊 Memrise: Memrise is a language platform which uses flashcards as memory aids, but also offers user-generated content on a wide range of other subjects. Memrise has official courses in 16 languages and its combinations. The app has over 35 million registered users.

💲🔒📊 FluentU: FluentU is a monthly subscription site that offers language immersion through native videos. It takes real-world videos like music videos, commercials, news, and inspiring talks and turns them into language learning  material.

💲🔒📊 Roseta Stone: Rosetta Stone is undoubtedly the most famous learning methodology. Instead of learning Spanish through English, it is designed to learn Spanish through Spanish.

💲🔒📊 Cat Spanish: Cat Spanish has a humorous slant: all the pictures, features and design are themed around cats. What’s really unique about this app is that the cat photos are not just random cat pictures taken from google, they’re actually relevant to the Spanish phrase you’re learning.

💲🔒📊 Tinycards: Tinycards is a free flashcards app, from the creators of Duolingo, which uses spaced repetition and nicely designed “decks” to help you improve your vocabulary in Spanish.

🗺💲🔒📊Trip Lingo: An app for those who need to travel. TripLingo teaches you how to speak useful phrases in other languages based on your personal needs. It does so by asking you questions about your trip, what you want to learn about, and how much you want to learn.

💲🔒📊Bilingua: Bilingua connects you with native speakers who share your interests or personality to help you learn a foreign language online and speak with confidence.

🔒📊HelloTalk: The app is about making language exchanges on your smartphone as good as they can be. There is no course, no website and no payment system for anything.

💲🔒📊Babble: The leader in the online language learning industry. There are grammar courses, vocabulary lessons, tongue-twisters, idioms, colloquialisms, and sayings.

💲🔒📊Drops: Specially for learning vocabulary. Drops has an interface with beautiful, vibrant graphics and smooth animations. Every single word is accompanied with crisp, minimal pictures to represent it. Due to the brightly colored pictures and forced immersion, your mind will store the vocabulary more efficiently.

💲🔒📊Learn Spanish by 50 Languages: This app is great for beginners to increase vocabulary which is useful for managing everyday situations (at a store, restaurant, bank, doctor, etc). [⚠️This app does not have a website. Look for it on your app store]

💲🔒📊Tandem Language Exchange: This app matches you with language exchange partners from all over the world, providing the opportunity to practice those essential conversation skills that are necessary to take your language skills to the next level. [⚠️This app does not have a website. Look for it on your app store]



👨‍🏫  RTE: Colloquially known as La Uno. La 1 is a generalist channel which mainly broadcasts news reports, news programmes, documentaries, magazine programmes, TV series, films (particularly Spanish and American films) and some popular sports competitions.

👨‍🏫 24 horas: 24-hour news channel. From time to time they do some interviews and analysis, but it is mostly 24 hours of news. Perfect to learn formal Spanish.

👨‍🏫 +TDP: Broadcasts sporting competitions (Olympic games, tennis, motor race, Volleyball, Gymnastics…)

Antena 3: One of the most viewed generalist channels in Spain.

🗺 Univisión: America’s largest provider of Spanish-language content in the US. Broadcasts telenovelas and other drama series, sports, sitcoms, reality and variety series.

Telecinco: One of the most viewed generalist channels in Spain.

⭐️ Neox: Children’s programming during the morning, and films and series for youngsters during the evening and night. It mostly broadcasts american shows (in spanish, obviously) like Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, Two and a Half Men, The Middle, Modern Family, The Simpsons and The Goldbergs. You probably already know this shows, so it’s perheps the best option to learn Spanish.

Cuatro: One of the most viewed generalist channels in Spain.

FDF: It broadcast spanish series and from time to time, american series.

La sexta: One of the most viewed generalist channels in Spain.

🗺 Nova: It mostly boradcasts Telenovelas from Southamerica. Perfect to learn Latin Spanish.



SpanishDict: They tweet one Word of the Day in Spanish every single day. Good resource to increase vocabulary

⭐️ Vamospanish: Word of the Day, Expression of the Day, False Friends and prepositions. Perfect to improve your slang and use of Spanish.

EduLearnSpanish: Learn 3 new words a day. Pretty simple and plain.

SpanishLanguage: Word of the Day and some interesting articles from their blog.

WoodwardSpanish: Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary games and lessons



⭐️🗺 Wordreference: The most useful and essential tool aout there for anyone who’s learning a new language. It is more than a dictionary. It offers literal translation of the words, uses of spoken language (slang), button to listen to pronunciation, forum with questions and doubts from users…

Google Translator: Yeah… simple but helpful as hell.

🗺👨‍🏫 RAE: La Real Academia de la Lengua Española is the governmental institution that dictates the rules of the Spanish language throughout the world. If there is a dispute about how a word can be used, they are the only ones with the authority to solve the problem. Their website includes a dictionary.

Verbix: Online Spanish verb conjugator.

SpanishDict: This popular free Spanish translation website features in excess of 1,000,000 words and phrases.

Dictionary Linguee:  This fast and free Spanish translation website works offline, is accurate and trusted by millions of people.

ConjuVerb: A verb conjugator made app. For those of you who study Spanish on your phone.



⚠️ Language-learning Podcasts create a style by themselves. That’s slow-paced voices talking about random stuff. That’s why most of them in this list have a “just a podcast” tag. That does not mean they are bad. It just means they are not very different from one another. If you are looking for a Podcast, I recommend you to try several of them and pick the ones that you like the most.

⭐️ A mi aire: Here’s my fav. Neutral accent, scrip to follow the listening, complex vocabulary translated… It’s the one I’ve used to learn Italian, English and now I’m using it with French.

📊 Audiria: An online tool which freely offers tons of podcasts and videos. You can filter by level, theme, genre, speed… Let’s say Audiria is like a search engine for stuff in Spanish. Basic interface but powerful tool though.

💲 Coffee Break Spanish: just a podcast

🔒 Spanish Pod 101: just a podcast

🔒 Spanish Obsessed: just a podcast

🔒 Study Spanish: Podcast about grammar (no random conversations but explanation of grammar stuff like adjectives, verbs, rules, etc…)

💲🔒 Language Trek: just a podcast

Duolingo Spanish Podcast: just a podcast

💲 Notes In Spanish: just a podcast

🗺📊 News in slow Spanish: Podcast about news told in slow Spanish.

🗺 VeinteMundos: just a podcast

📊 Podcast in Spanish: just a podcast

🗺 Españolistos: just a podcast


Blogs & Websites

⚠️ Our Panda is quite busy these days. He’s working really hard to offer you the best of the best. This section will be available very very soon.


Level tests & quizzes

⚠️ There are a million ways to asses a language. Most of the tests in this list have a “just a Spanish proficiency test” tag. That does not mean they are bad. They are just different. Choose the one you like the most.

⭐️👨‍🏫Instituto Cervantes: Probably the most reliable as it comes from an official institution.

123teachme Quizzes: 9 different kind of quizzes (matching game, multiple choice questions, fill-in-the-blank, capitals and geography…) to test your level of Spanish.

123teachme Level Test: Just a Spanish proficiency test

Transparent Language: Just a Spanish proficency test

🔒Bridge Online Language Test: Just a Spanish proficency test

Speak7: A Spanish proficiency test on pdf. You gotta answer and then check the correct answers and then rate yourself.

🔒 Cactus Language: Just a Spanish proficency test

🔒 Sprachcaffe: Just a Spanish proficency test



⭐️📊 Language Guide: It has over 40 categories of vocabulary in both Spanish and English. Touch or place your cursor over an object, word, or phrase to hear it pronounced aloud. It also has exercises.

💲📊 Study Spanish: 55 categories divided into five units. Every category has oral pronunciation, flashcards and quizzes.

Digital Dialects: Fun interactive games to learn vocabulary.



🗺 Univision Entretenimiento: Univision is an American TV network featuring extensive Spanish language programming including soap operas, sports, news, comedy shows and more.

El Pais: One of the most popular newspaper in Spain and it also features an English edition.

El Mundo: One of the most popular newspaper in Spain.

🗺 Telemundo: After Univision, Telemundo is the second largest American TV network providing Spanish language programming.

⭐️🗺 Spanish Language TED Talks: TED is a nonprofit organization with the mission of spreading ideas.

EuroNews: European news in Spanish.

CNN: The CNN in Spanish.

Deutsche Welle: German broadcasting company DW provides news in Spanish.

SBS Radio Spanish Program: Australian broadcasting company that targets non-native English speakers.

RT en Español: Russia Today offers news in Spanish on YouTube.



⭐️👨‍🏫 Radio Nacional de España (RNE): Spain’s National Public Radio. Only interviews, debates, news, etc… and some music from time to time.

EuropaFM: One of the most popular radios in Spain. Only music.

Los40: One of the most popular radios in Spain. Only music.

Cadena Dial: Only music in Spanish and from time to time some dialogue.

Cope: One of the most popular Generalist station (No music). Only interviews, debates, news, etc…

Cadena Ser: One of the most popular Generalist station (No music). Only interviews, debates, news, etc…

Onda Cero: One of the most popular Generalist station (No music). Only interviews, debates, news, etc…

Cadena 100: Mostly music and some chatting. But mostly music.


Structured Lessons

⭐️👨‍🏫Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware: MIT offers a ton of free classes, several of which are in Spanish. Courses available:

👨‍🏫University of Arkansas: Highly regarded, self-paced courses focused almost entirely on Spanish grammar. Courses available:

👨‍🏫🗺Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Spanish Basic Course: Using the Latin American dialect, it focuses heavily on pronunciation and preparing students for real life conversations. Courses available:

Elon.io: Comprehensive language course that employs spaced repetition as a learning tool and consists of 63 lessons.



⭐️123teachme: Lots of riddles sorted by theme. Solutions are hidden on voice clips so you don’t see them at first sight.

Spanish Romance: Some riddles. They are quite difficult and only in Spanish. Solutions can be seen at first sight