Top 5 apps to learn Spanish

Top 5 apps to learn Spanish


Are you the one who frequently utters famous Spanish phrases like «Hasta La Vista» and «Adiós» to sound cool? If your answer is yes, then it means you have a hidden desire to learn the world’s second-most spoken language.

With over 500 million speakers in the world, Spanish is fast becoming the most sought-after language that people aim to learn. As more people express the desire to learn Spanish, tech gurus have designed smart apps to make it easy for learners to attain command over Spanish language. We have picked the best 5 of the lot.



This app won the prize of the best iOS app to learn Spanish in 2013. Duolingo consists of learning exercises that help you in building up your Spanish vocabulary. It also translates English sentences into Spanish language along with an audio recording. This helps you to improve your pronunciation of the Spanish words. The app keeps a track of your everyday performance so that you can keep a record of your progress.



Obsessed with some of the coolest Spanish words? Then this free app to learn Spanish is made for you. As the name suggests, Memrise helps you to learn Spanish words by heart. It is one of the top apps for learning the most frequently used Spanish words. The app consists of different modules, each consisting of 15 words. The Spanish words are translated into English with an audio recording for convenience.

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Cat Spanish

Remember Talking Tom, the Android app featuring an adorable cat that repeats whatever we say? Cat Spanish is a similar iPhone app that makes learning Spanish language convenient. It’s a fun app to learn Spanish that uses a cute cat as a character pulling off charming tricks to help the learners understand the words easily.



Lingorilla is one of the best Android apps to learn Spanish. The app stands out from the rest of the apps in a way that it is based on interactive video lessons that make the learning process very engaging. So, if you think learning a new language can be boring and tedious, try this app and you won’t be disappointed.



If you are a beginner then MosaLingua is a good app to learn Spanish. It consists of a wide range of lessons ranging from beginners to advanced level. The audio recording is done by indigenous Spanish speakers that makes this app more credible for learning correct pronunciation of Spanish words


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