Welcome to Polyglot Panda! You are just about to discover a whole new way to reach fluency and communicate with your Spanish. This is the first day of your new epic adventure as a Spanish learner. Or rather, as a Panda.

Through PolyglotPanda and its methodology, we have helped hundreds of people to work hard to reach their linguistic goals and get fluent in 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇪🇸 . Some got promoted on their careers, others just spent weeks road-tripping South America. All that because they were able to speak Spanish fluently.

So, What is PolyglotPanda? One of those “Speak Spanish in 3 hours” kind of courses? AB-SO-LU-TE-LY NOT! First, because we don’t sell any course (surf this website and you’ll see there’s no course-selling anywhere). On the other hand, because Polyglot Panda is much much more. Check this…

Polyglot's Methodology

The most famous polyglots in the world have their secrets to learn languages. In here you'll discover how they do it and how YOU can do it too. If you want to know how you can self-learn Spanish fast and free, you're on the right place.

Multi-Platform Learning

Improve your Spanish with our many free sources: Youtube, Blog, Social Media, books, PDF's, Classes, Worksheets... A whole bunch of possibilities for you to master your Spanish and reach your linguistic goals while having fun.

Panda Community

Once you join the Panda lifestyle, you will be part of the biggest community of Spanish learners on the Internet. You can ask doubts and help each other on our private Groups, make new friends, and penpals and much more!

And all that... FOR FREE!

Emmm... yeah! Videos for free, resources for free, articles for free, couching for free... How nice is that Panda!

Your first steps in the PANDA Community...

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    Browse among +300 free resources you will find in our huge List: Podcasts, Apps, TV channels...

  • #AskThePanda

    Ask any doubts you have with your Spanish and get a video response for free in less than 48 hours

  • Panda Community

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Hear it from the PANDA COMMUNITY

Stephanie Hindman

Seattle, WA (USA)

Josep is the best! I highly recommend him and really appreciate that he has a solid teaching style that works! I have been working on Spanish for 10 years, but much of this time was not spend learning effectively! Josep was the first teacher I have had that taught me a really solid method. Thanks Josep!! <3

Mila Aharon

San Francisco, CA (USA)

Josep goes so far beyond the extra mile, it's astounding. He'll modulate his teaching speed to your learning speed, and he'll even use other languages he speaks for comparison when it's helpful. In all my years of being a nerd about languages, I've never had such a linguistically-tailored learning experience.



I'd recommended Josep to anyone trying to learn Spanish in a highly customized way with fun exercises. As a polyglot, he speaks 5-6 languages already, so he knows that you've got to spend time learning, practice in a way that's self-sustainable, and have fun with the process. Many many thanks, Josep Marti!