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Hi There!

My name’s Josep Marti and I’m the founder of Polyglot Panda, the language learning system that is helping people all around the globe to reach their goals with 🇪🇸Spanish🇪🇸.

I myself am a self-taught polyglot. What does it mean? Well, I’m a polyglot because I speak 5 languages and I’m currently learning my 6th one. And I’m self-taught because I have learned them all by myself. No academies, no courses, no expensive books… As spanish would say: “Soy como Juan Palomo, yo me lo guiso, yo me lo como“.

Are you curious about the languages I speak? Here it goes: Spanish, English, Esperanto, Italian and Valencian. And now I’m learning my 6th language which is French. If you want to see me speaking is all these languages, check out this video.

So, with time, I developed my own methods for language acquisition, which you can now use to learn Spanish online. And that’s what you’ll learn here at Polyglot Panda.

The story of how I learned all 5 languages

I was born in Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain, situated on the east coast, next to the mediterranean sea. As you probably know, certain parts of Spain speak a secondary language (E.g: Cataluña speaks Catalán, País Vasco speaks Vasco, Galicia speaks Gallego…). So I grew up speaking Spanish and Valencian, the regional language in Valencia.

I started learning languages when I was 20. I started with English because it was necessary to reach my professional goal (I’m a Musical Theatre Performer so my goal was to be on Broadway, but that’s another story). At that time I did not know how to learn a language but I was really (¡REALLY!) motivated. In Spanish we say: “No hay nada peor que un tonto motivado” (“there’s nothing worse than a motivated dumb”). That’s exactly what I was, un tonto motivado.

But it worked. After two years I was speaking fluent English and, what’s even better, I understood the secrets to learn a language. After that, I got hired as a performer at Disneyland Paris and moved to France. There I met some Italian friends and they became my family there, so I decided to learn Italian using the exact same system that I used for English. And, ¡voilà! one year later I was speaking fluent Italian.

Sometime later I read some books about Esperanto, a made-up language created in 1887 with a single purpose: make people able to understand each other (no matter borders, countries or religions). In fact, the word Esperanto means “One who hopes“. Quite cool for just a language, isn’t it? So I went for it and it took me less than a year to master Esperanto.

At that time, my surprise was that, from time to time, I got messages from my international friends asking me to help them learn Spanish. I realized that I could help people with my knowledge so I started working on this very idea that you just joined: Polyglot Panda. Since then, I have been private-tutoring people all over the world on a platform called Verbling and Polyglot Panda has grown to unbelievable proportions.

I couldn’t be happier. And all because of people like you who are part of the Panda Community. That’s why I invite you to stay and enjoy. You have videos, resources, blogs, books, Facebook groups… There’s an entire Panda community that grows more and more every day. And now, you are part of it.

🎉¡Welcome to the Panda Community!🎉

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