I learn French – You make money

🌍 Let's Change the World as I Learn French! 🌍

Join me on an exhilarating journey as I embark on a five-month adventure to learn French!

As a language teacher and polyglot, I am challenging myself to master French using my unique method. But this endeavor goes beyond mere language acquisition—it’s an opportunity for you to truly make a difference in the world.

How It Works

I will start my French studies on June 24th, 2023.

In exactly 150 days (on November 21st, 2023), I will take the TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français) in Madrid (Spain).

This test will assess my proficiency in the language and provide a score ranging from 0 to 699.

I will document my entire learning process on my social media platforms.

How You Can Participate

Go to https://www.buymeacoffee.com/polyglotpanda and place a $5 bet on the score I will achieve on the TCF exam (ranging from 0 to 699 points).

You can donate on the right side of that page in the «Buy PolyglotPanda a Study Session» section.

You can choose to bet on one score, three scores, or five scores. Please ensure that you write your chosen score in the comment section.

How You Can Make Money

The funds collected will be allocated as follows:

  • 30% for platform fees, taxes, and other expenditures.
  • 30% to the winner who correctly guesses my score.
  • 40% to the charity Translators Without Borders.

About the Charity

Translators Without Borders is a nonprofit organization that offers language support in humanitarian and crisis response efforts.

Some of their recent endeavors include:

  • Assisting Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh by translating medical and educational materials.
  • Providing language support during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa by translating public health campaigns and training materials.
  • Aiding displaced individuals in Ukraine by translating legal documents and essential information.

How You Can Follow My Adventure

I will be posting weekly and monthly updates on my learning progress.

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1️⃣ Each bet you place is worth $5. If you wish to bet on two scores, the total amount would be $10. The same principle applies for additional scores.

2️⃣ There are no limits to the number of bets you can make. You have the freedom to either place all your bets at once or spread them out over different days.

3️⃣ The following types of bets will be considered invalid:

  • Bets that fail to specify the score in the comment section.
  • Bets that include more scores than the number of bets paid (for example, paying $10 and indicating 3 scores).
  • Bets made prior to June 24th, 2023, or after October 21st, 2023.

4️⃣ In the event that no one wins the bet due to no participant selecting the exact score, the money will be donated to charity.

5️⃣ In the event of multiple individuals selecting the winning score, the first person to place the bet will be declared the winner.

some FAQ

Why do you do this?

I do this because I’ve always wanted to find a way to contribute to the world using languages. It’s a beautiful idea, don’t you think?

How many times can I place a bet?

There are no limits. You can place as many bets as you want. The more bets you place, the more opportunities you have to win.

If I follow your learning process on your social media, can I wait until the very last moment to make a more accurate bet?

Yes, you can wait until the last moment. However, keep in mind that if multiple people bet on the winning score, only the first person to place the bet will receive the prize. So waiting until the last minute may not be the best option, as someone may have already placed their bet.

Is there a place where I can see what others have bet?

No, there is no place to see what others have bet. This ensures a fair betting process.

Do you keep any money from this?

No, I don’t keep any money. The money will be distributed as explained earlier.

You mentioned that 30% of the money will go towards fees and expenses. What are those?

The platform BuyMeACoffee.com charges a 5% fee on the total amount. Additionally, 25% of the money goes towards paying taxes to the Spanish government.