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Private Lessons

Here at Polyglot Panda, I offer you lots and lots of free resources for you to learn Spanish. But maybe you need an extra help. Maybe you have a deadline to reach a certain level of Spanish, or you need the language to get promoted or you just find yourself lost with all the information available and don’t know where to start to study Spanish.

CHECK THIS OUT: In this video, my students talk about my classes so you’ll get a real vibe of what you will get if you decide to join. Also, you’ll hear me using the 5 languages I currently speak and you’ll learn a little bit about my methodology:

Are you ready to

start your new Spanish Adventure?

With my classes you will learn:

  • How to study Spanish efficiently

  • How to keep your motivation high

  • Tricks to memorize vocabulary with no effort

  • High productivity hacks to boost your improvement

  • How to study by yourself and STOP spending money with online tutors

Where do we take the classes?

I am currently investing on a system to deliver private classes that will be held on Zoom and Skype. But that implies a calendar system, a booking procedure, a payment method… I’m working on all that, but for now, we need to rely on iTalki.

iTalki is the biggest online platform for language learning. In there you can book classes easily choosing a time and a date and that’s it!

Let me tell you how to do it:

Clicking on the banner at the end of this page will take you to my profile on Italki that looks like this one:

Go to the right side and click on “Trial Lesson” if you want to book a trial lesson or “Lessons” if you want to book regular classes. Then, check the different kinds of classes you can choose from. Select the one you prefer and click “NEXT“.

Then select the length of the classes and you are set.

Are you ready to

start your new Spanish Adventure?