Private Tutoring

Here at Polyglot Panda, I offer you lots and lots of free resources for you to learn Spanish. But maybe you need an extra help. Maybe you have a deadline to reach a certain level of Spanish, or you need the language to get promoted or you just find yourself lost with all the information available and don’t know where to start to study Spanish.

spanish private tutor

I teach my students on three different platforms, depending on what the student prefers: Italki, Verbling, and Skype. If you already know what Italki or Verbling is, you can skip to the next paragraph.

For those who have never used them, Verbling and Italki are online platforms where language learners can take lessons with professional teachers. Lessons take place over video chat, so people can learn wherever they may find themselves. Also, they have many advantages; for example, we can share homework, flashcards, documents, audios, and videos all within the platform. And there’s a personal chat for every student so teachers are available 24/7 to answer any doubt. On these platforms, the student gets COMPLETE control over the classes. You just pick your teacher, schedule the time for the class that better suits you and that’s it. You can get packages to pay less and you just pay ONLY for the classes that you take. Sounds good, right? On the other hand, Skype is… well… Skype is Skype.


What platform do you choose to learn Spanish?

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