How to learn Spanish with Kindle

How to Learn Spanish with

Over the years I’ve been using the Kindle app to learn languages, I’ve very gradually uncovered hacks and tools for efficient vocabulary building.

On this page I will explain the advantages of learning Spanish with Kindle. But if you already know the benefits of Kindle, I give you a banner down here with an offer: when you register for the first time you will get two months of infited books for $0.99

Reading in Spanish on a Kindle is faster and far more satisfying than reading a paper book, thanks to its built-in capabilities (dictionaries, audiobook versions, etc.). And if you use it the right way, you’ll also never forget the new words you learn. Plus it’s really fun to take on all the good books available in other languages.

Instantly Look Up any Word

Holding your finger over a word brings up its definition. This is a quick way to check for meaning without a huge break in the pace of your reading. (this doesn’t mean you must then forget the word either—your Kindle is automatically keeping track for you of what you look up.)

There are multiple options for word lookup, and they all come up side-by-side when you hold your finger over the vexing word (or phrase). You can choose which option you want to have as your default.

Read a Book and Listen to its Audible Version Simultaneously

The current Kindles all have Bluetooth capability that allows you to connect a Bluetooth speaker or headphones and hear your book as you are reading it on the page.

If you want to try out listening/reading at the same time, I’d recommend signing up for an Audible subscription. You can also just buy individual audio titles where available along with your Kindle version, and they’re always automatically synced to each other.

Review the Vocabulary You’ve Looked Up Using Kindle’s Flashcards

Kindles now have a built-in vocabulary builder feature that offers you flashcards of the words you have looked up. You can look at all of your tricky vocabulary words from all books, or, more conveniently for language learners, focus on one specific book and the words that had bothered you when you were reading it.

The Kindle vocabulary builder allows you to see the word’s definition as well as the word in its original context sentence in your book. As seen below, it often does an excellent job of giving you the infinitive form when you looked up a conjugation. And it doesn’t just provide the word but also it’s original context, so you can get a sense of how you might use it yourself.

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