🙋‍♂️ Who are you?

I’m Josep, the Spanish Polyglot. Hello!

🌍 Where do you live?

I live in Valencia, Spain. Land of the Paella and Sangria.

👴🏼 How old are you?

Let’s say I’m twenty-something in case I forget to update this.

🗣 What languages do you speak?

My native languages are Spanish and Valencian (the regional language of Valencia).  At the age of 20, I started studying English and got a C1 level in just 2 years. Then I moved to Paris (labor reasons) and started learning Italian. Yes, I know it is weird to learn Italian in Paris. I’m weird. And when I got a C1 in Italian I learned Esperanto. Right now I’m learning French and I predict to reach a C1 level before 2022.

📆 When did you start learning languages?

At the age of 20. Did you really read the previous question?

❣️ What’s your favorite language?

Not really a fair question! But I should say Italian… My favorite movie is Roberto Benigni’s LaVita è Bella (Life is Beautiful). So… yeah… Italian.

🐼 When did you start PolyglotPanda?

I started teaching languages in 2014 and I started PolyglotPanda in 2019.

🧬 What is PolyglotPanda?

PolyglotPanda is a multidimensional platform that allows you to learn Spanish easily and quickly (and for free). In this website, you will learn the powerful methodology used by polyglots to learn languages. In PolyglotPanda you’ll discover how they do it and how YOU can do it. To do so, hundreds of free resources are available to you that you can use to improve your Spanish.

🧭 I’m new to this website. Where do I start?

If you just landed in PolyglotPanda, WELCOME TO THE PANDA COMMUNITY! Click here to discover everything this website has to offer.

💰 How much does it cost to learn Spanish with PolyglotPanda?

Nothing. Zero. Null. Eber. Nada.

🤑 So, can you list all the free resources that PolyglotPanda offers me to learn Spanish?


✔️Learn Spanish Grammar, Rules and Tricks in our Language Blog (2 posts/week)

✔️ Boost your learning by subscribing to our Youtube Channel (3 videos/week)

✔️ Browse among +150 free resources you will find in our Free Resources To Learn Spanish List

✔️ Solve any doubts you have with your Spanish by asking the panda at #AskThePanda

✔️ Get private online coaching with Josep the Spanish Polyglot (paid service)


💎 What is your crown jewel?

I have been working for the last two years in a list that compiles the best free resources to learn Spanish. On it, you will find the best Podcasts, Youtube channels, Television Channels, Apps, Radios and a long etcetera. If you are learning Spanish, you shouldn’t miss it.

👨🏻‍🏫 Can I learn a language with you?

YES. I do offer private classes and coaching where I teach one-to-one the polyglot’s methodology. To give you an idea, my students usually get a B2 of Spanish in just 3-4 months. Find out more here.

🤓 I am studying Spanish and I have a specific question about a specific topic (grammar, vocabulary, verbs …). Can I do it to you without paying?

YES! I have a new service called #AskThePanda where you can send me your doubt and I’ll answer you by video in less than 3 days. I can’t answer generic questions like «what can I do to learn Spanish» but I can help you with specific questions like «how to pronounce the letter H in Spanish» or «How to sound native in Spanish«. These are just a couple of past #AskThePanda questions.

📚 Will you ever stop learning languages?

Probably not, nope!

📹 What do you use to make your videos?

Quite basic stuff to be honest. A Blue Snowball ICE microphone, a Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam and Vegas Pro to edit them.