Jose Marti [Panda Master]

Hi There! My name’s Josep Marti and I’m a Polyglot myself. I've been working for several years as a language tutor helping people all around the globe to reach their goals with Spanish. So, with time, I developed my own methods for language acquisition, which you can now use to learn Spanish online. And that’s what you’ll learn here at Polyglot Panda.

Y in spanish

Y in Spanish Love how Iker Casillas speaks Spanish, but hate to undergo the apparently cumbersome procedure of learning to pronounce correct Spanish letters and words? Gear yourself up! It doesn’t require a lot of effort; just the right guidance. If you find the letter y in Spanish a bit hard to pronounce, then believe …

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Hard Spanish words to pronounce

Hard Spanish words to pronounce     Struggling to correctly pronounce some of the trickiest Spanish words? Worry not! You are not alone when it comes to facing problems in speaking Spanish impeccably. People across the world are taking increased interest in learning the second-most spoken language in the world, which is, Spanish 🇪🇸. Unfortunately, …

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Gender in Spanish

The Gender in Spanish     Gender is a grammatical property inherent in nouns. According to their gender, in Spanish, the nouns are masculine or feminine. There are no neutral nouns but careful because there is a neutral article (lo) although it can only be used with adjectives (lo amarillo te sienta muy bien) and …

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Steve Kaufman Polyglot (Top 10)

Steve Kaufman: Polyglot   He is one of the most famous polyglots in the world and a person that I personally admire and look up to. He’s the founder of Lingq, a language learning website that has helped thousands of people to reach their goals with foreign languages. You can find him on his Youtube …

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Learn Spanish while you sleep

Learn Spanish while you sleep   We all have been there. The night before an exam, you’re stressed and the fear of failing the test becomes a drill in your head. And we all think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to go to bed and just click play and learn the whole syllabus overnight?” Well, first …

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