Día 6

How much Spanish could you learn with 33¢?

“Boost Your Spanish” Challenge-meter
5 Días Completados 100%


let’s review everything you have learned over the last 5 days:

  • The 7 features of spanish and how important is to work on all of them.
  • How to identify a good resource to learn spanish (No more duolingo!)
  • How to get immersed in spanish using native resources and without spending a single dollar
  • The science behind memorization and how you can hack your brain so you don’t forget the spanish you learn
  • The extreme importance of motivation and the different tricks to keep it high all the time
  • The difference between recognizing spanish and creating spanish and how that can make you learn Spanish 50% easier

WOW! All that in just 5 days! Amazing! 

And if you feel like you want something more (I hope so!), I want to help you a little more.

As a reward for completing the five-day challenge, I want to give you this discount coupon so you can join our Panda Premium Community, a membership where you can practice your Spanish with many Spanish learners from all over the world. 

Also, you will have group classes with me, thousands of fun exercises, video lessons, challenges and… Oh! the best one: The roadmap to Spanish fluency where you can learn tons of effective tricks to boost your spanish (like the ones you’ve learned in this challenge).

And you know the best thing about it? You can join us and get immersed in spanish rght now for just 33¢ per day. That’s right! Less than a coffee! The regular price for the community is $14.99 per month but you can have unlimited resources for just $9.99 per month by using the coupon below. 

This is everything you’ll get for 33¢ per day:

  • 3500+ Lesson Materials (including PDFs, Worksheets, Games, Videos, Audios, Cheatsheets, Flashcards…)
  • 4 spanish classes per month with me and rest of the members.
  • A community where you’ll be connected to spanish learners from all over the world
  • 500+ hours of video lessons where you’ll learn all the grammar
  • Official DELE tests so you can evalueate your level and choose the right path for you
  • Our Roadmap to Spanish Fluency, the most practical and complete program to help you plan, build and launch a successful work plan to achieve your goals in Spanish.

Does that sound interesting? I hope so! Our big spanish family looks forward to welcoming you.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you just have to go to www.pandapremiumcommunity.com and enter the code “PandaChallenge”.

if you have any questions about the community, you may reply to the email I sent you and I’ll answer you in the next 24 hours.

Well, that’s all for now! Welcome to the spanish family!

Hasta pronto!

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