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Stop Wasting Money on Spanish

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Let’s get you surrounded with free spanish. Stop for a second and think about your passion. And then, find resources in Spanish to Listen, Read, Write and Speak about that topic.

  • Short Stories in Spanish on Amazon: $13.
  • NETFLIX subscription to watch La Casa de Papel: $9,99 per month.
  • Classes with a Native speaker: $15 per class.
  • Spanish Course: $150.
  • And the list goes on and on. 

And after all this paying, guess what! You are still stuck with your Spanish. That’s why you joined this challenge in the first place. 

And what would you say I told you you could get all that for free. Yes! You can get completely immersed in Spanish 24/7 for free. How do I know? Because that’s what I do for my students. I help Spanish learners to create a Spanish bubble wherever they live, so they can live a fake Spanish life and listen, read, write, speak and think in Spanish for free. And now, I am going to help you to surround yourself completely in Spanish not spending a single dollar. 

For that, I want to introduce you to my website www.polyglotpanda.com. If you click on Free Resources on the top menu, you will find a huge compilation with more than 350 free resources you can use to get immersed in Spanish. You can find blogs, Youtube channels, apps, magazines, courses, music, radio stations… even live Spanish TV channels. ¡YES! you can watch live Spanish tv as if you were living in Spain.

And the best thing is that this compilation I created is just a tiny portion of the insane amount of free resources you can find online.  

Let’s check some ways to immerse in Spanish you never thought about:

  • Listening: podcasts, songs, movies, audiobooks, series, youtube, Spanish TV, Spanish radio
  • Reading: books, subtitles, newspapers, websites, song lyrics, ebooks, fairytales, magazines
  • Writing: journal, to-do list, recipes, your hobbies, random topic generators, your agenda, online forums, youtube comments
  • Speaking: tandem bars, language exchange apps, free classes on Facebook, Spanish neighborhoods, language exchange websites, online chats

“I never thought there would be so many resources to learn Spanish”… That’s why I am here 🙂 

So in today’s task, I want you to think about what you love the most and find some resources about the topic. So, download the worksheet down there and fill your life with free Spanish.

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